Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

About Department

Department of Civil Engineering was started in 2010 with an intake of 40 students. Recently it has been increased to 60 students. Civil engineers play a vital role in creating the man-made environment and in protecting the natural environment, bringing together science and art to create much of the tangible fabric of today’s society. The Department of Civil Engineering at SVP has been trying it’s best to prepare Diploma holders in Civil Engineering to meet the needs of the current industrial requirements. The department has experienced faculty which aims to provide qualitative education to the students. The Curriculum adopted is prescribed by Department of Technical Education. High importance is given to the classroom learning which is meant primarily for the theoretical or conceptual inputs of knowledge. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, lot of stress is laid on providing practical knowledge also. The field of civil engineering is about development and improvement, planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities essential to modern life.
The principal educational objective of our department is to provide the students, fundamental knowledge and the skills needed to resolve the problems related with the construction and maintenance of infrastructure in harmony with the society and the environment.

Department Vision

To produce civil engineers with high calibre, technical skills and ethical values to serve the society and nation.

Department Mission

• To provide basic fundamental core knowledge to students which helps to acquire higher education
• To develop leadership abilities in students to manage the construction industry and entrepreneurship.
• To provide technical skill development in civil engg. and lifelong learning attitudes.
• To impart quality and value based education to raise satisfaction in civil Engineering.